In Pringy, France, we manufacture and distribute a wide range of products and equipment intended for the plastics industry in France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Tunisia, Romania and Benelux.

Products for the Plastics Industry

Special and Urgent Manufacture

Dedicated to urgent production, this “extra-production” centre provides processors all the flexibility of a true repair service.

Storage and Dispatch

An effective logistics platform specially intended for BMS units in Southern Europe, it maintains an exceptionally large stock of supplies. Deliveries in France are made the next morning if an order is placed before 4.00 p.m.

Technical Advice and Product Sales

A team of specialists with a wide network of representatives in France, always ready to give you the service and flexibility you need.

Machines and Peripherals


- Conveyor belts, sorters and separators.
- Design and manufacture of EoAT.
- Mould design.


Magnetic separation.


Leader in filtration, process and extrusion measurement technologies.


Hot channel systems.