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This table allows injection moulding tools to be simply and easily handled for their maintenance.

This table allows a mould to be opened in order to reach its various parts and closed again in a few seconds. This equipment has a lot of options to be adapted for all types of moulds, for optimal efficiency and safety.

This platform makes easy any operations of opening, closing and access to the various parts of a mold for maintenance, repair, cleaning, prepation for injection, or assembly for manufacturing and fitting.

In safety

Staff safety
Equipment protection
Reduction of work load

In productivity

Ease of implementation


1500 kg, 2000 kg,
3000 kg, 6000 kg,
several options


  • Ease of handling

    Thanks to 1 fixed platform and 1 mobile platform

  • From all angles

    360° rotation of the upper tray with indexing every 90°

  • Lock system

    Immobilization of the movable table in rear position

  • It adapts to your needs

    Different customization options available

1.5T to 3T series

* Magnetic brackets optional

6T Series

* Magnetic brackets optional

Available options

Tray translation blocker

Drawer blocks

Positioning stop

Magnetic brackets

Mechanical brackets V2

Mechanical brackets V1

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