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Slide moving table to open moulds
This table allows injection moulding tools to be simply and easily handled for their maintenance.
This table allows a mould to be opened in order to reach its various parts and closed again in a few seconds. This equipment has a lot of options to be adapted for all types of moulds, for optimal efficiency and safety.


  • Internally heated nozzles
  • Shutter off nozzles
  • Filtration nozzles
  • Monobloc nozzles
  • Mixing nozzles
  • Removable tips nozzle

Pyrolisis oven

This furnace intended for your nozzles, points, seats, lids cleaning eliminates by carbonization all plastic waste.
Your parts are placed in a removable basket then introduced into the oven. Electric resistances of strong power work in the surrounding enclosure in convection and brilliance assuring the cleaning.